The Constitutional MoU for Banaban Economic Entities was ratified, between the Banaban Community Presidium and the Rabi Banaban Exports Entity, to advance the Banaban economy.

Following the spirit and provisions of the Banaban Ordinance of the City of Jerusalem, this MoU provides for the general principles of 'free market' economics and encourages Rabi Banaban enterprises, such as the Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil on Rabi Island (in Fiji), to establish non-governmental relations with other commercial entities.

The Constitutional MoU also recognizes that the Banaban Community Presidium is the exclusive body for regulating Banaban trade. This power has, in the member States of the Council of Europe, been delegated to the Banaban Plenipotentiary in Europe. Elsewhere, this power has been devolved to the Banaban Chamber of Commerce in the City of Jerusalem and the Asia-Pacific.

The Nour World and the HexaSpark Consulting Partnership are, both respectively, Registered Agents of the Banaban Community Presidium in accordance with the laws and customs of the legal order.

Any dispute, concerning or within the Banaban economy, can be referred to the Banaban Prosecutions (c/o Transnational Private Prosecutions Entity) via e-mail or telefax.

General warning: please be cautious of forged signatures, fraudulent e-mail messages and fake documents. If in doubt, please contact the Banaban Community Presidium via the following e-mail address: